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UHPC's Innovations:

UHPC is a cement base mew material with ultra-high strength, high toughness and low porosity. Its basic formulation is to minimize internal defects (porosity and micro-cracks) by increasing the fineness and activity of the components, and no use of coarse aggregates, so achieving ultra-high strength and high durability.

1. Ultra-high durability

The special formula of UHPC results a regular molecules arrangement, with extremely low penetration and high durability, even under such conditions as freezing and thawing, sea wave, Sulphate of aluminium, weak acid or carbonation etc.

2. Ultra-high mechanical properties

UHPC has high strength and good impact resistance, and can be used for protective structures in defence projects, as well as for special structures that require high load-bearing capacity.

3. Ultra-high working performance

UHPC can withstand external forces such as friction, fire, blasting, freezing and thawing, hail or other natural damage. It is also highly efficient in waterproofing and thermal insulation.

4. Decorative effects

UHPC can realize designers’ dreams, lending architecture a richer shape, colour and texture. With high surface finish, UHPC can prevent the invasion of harmful substances and has an excellent self-cleaning performance.

5. Agbero Ayika

UHPC's structure helps sustainable development of the environment, by reducing the cost of construction, moulding, labour and maintenance, by improving the safety of building sites, and by increasing the speed of construction and the life cycle of buildings.

Technical level and specifications:

UHPC has excellent mechanical, drainage and self-healing properties, and it is easy for maintenance and architectural effects. Its performances are substantially better than ordinary concrete, high performance concrete and GRC. Its superb mechanical properties ensure less material consumption and higher loading capacity than ordinary cement, resulting a lighter and thinner component. The reduction in self-weight not only saves material and increases production efficiency, but also helps designers and builders to expand their imagination and creativity.

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